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Looking for a motorcycle rental in the Black Hills, but not sure where to ride? Whether you are looking to rent for Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Rental or coming for a long weekend during the summer, the Black Hills has no shortage of amazing rides to check out. We had a hard time coming up with a shortlist of some of our favorites. Think of this list as a checklist of “must-do” rides from the locals, it includes the main sites like Rushmore, and a few “off the beaten path” routes to check out.

Spearfish Canyon Road

Distance: 19 miles
Time: Under an hour

Description: Short Drive up the highway to Spearfish should be one of your first routes. Taking a ride through the canyon is amazing any time of year, but especially in the fall. It’s a short route, but a must ride. Plan to take the back way into Deadwood for a meal or entertainment.

Mount Rushmore

Distance:  131 miles
Time: 3 hours

Description: If you are coming to South Dakota, you must see Mount Rushmore. It’s a rule. Unless you are staying in Rapid City, take the route through the hills on Highway 385. It’s an amazing ride through the hills. Make sure to take the back way out of the national park, there are a couple of great photo opportunities along the way, ever see the side profile of George Washington’s face on the mountain? Remember to bring cash, the park is free, but they charge for parking PER BIKE!

Old Hill City Road

Distance: 12 miles
Time: 3 hours

Description: This route is one you don’t usually find featured on the maps, but is a favorite of our website guy Tom. Old Hill City Road is a small, technical turning road that runs through the forest along the Railroad tracks. Ever take the Hill City train? You may see this route snaking along the way.

Vanocker Canyon

Distance: 35 miles
Time: 2 hours

Description: The Vanocker Canyon ride is a great first road out of Sturgis. Lots of twists and turns. Pass through Nemo and follow along the Box Elder Creek. Take a turn onto the Johnson’s Siding Road and a turn towards Silver City and you are in the heart of the Black Hills. You can head north up towards Deadwood or south towards Hill City. Great starting ride for your day.

Devils Tower

Distance: 156 miles
Time: 4 hours

Description: This is a must ride that takes out of the Hills. The Devils Tower ride is a great trip across the grasslands into Wyoming to see the nation’s “first national park.” Plan an afternoon for this, it’s a longer trip around. Always save a little time to stop in Hulett WY for a meal or a snack. Hulett is a cool stop that feels like stepping back in time, when you see the sheriff patrolling Main Street on horseback, you will know what we mean.

Needles Highway with Iron Mountain Road

Distance: 52 miles
Time: 3.5 hours

Description: This is the route that makes riding in the Black Hills famous. Be cautious though, this is not for the first-time rider. You will be riding through switchback, tight curves, and pigtail bridges, while the altitude will range 2000 feet! Needles Highway has some of the best views and photo opps of South Dakota. Just be careful through the 1 lane tunnels. Iron Mountain Road alone is said to have over 300 curves. Make sure to get comfortable with your rental motorcycle before taking on this challenge.

Custer State Park Loop

Distance: 40 miles
Time: 2 hours

Description: We can’t stress this rule enough: RESPECT THE BUFFALO. Don’t believe us, check out on YouTube about a visitor from the 80th Rally’s Experience getting too close for a photo opp. But seriously, Custer State Park is an amazing ride through the grasslands of western South Dakota. Plenty of curves, a few switchbacks, and you are almost guaranteed to see some of our amazing wildlife roaming around.

Badlands National Park

Distance: 158 miles
Time: 3 hours

Description: This one is a must-ride. Ride through the old stone pillars and mountains through Badlands National Park. Take your time on this ride and stop at the scenic overlooks. Make sure to take the back way in on Highway 44.

Offical Black Hills Ride Map

View the Offical Black Hills Ride Map below:

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